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How technology is taking-over Australia

For 16 years, eBay has been synonymous with eCommerce in Australia. During this time a whole generation has grown up buying and selling technology products using eBay. Together with emerging technology analyst firm Telsyte, we have reflected on more than a hundred million technology related searches conducted on site each year to determine the dominant sales trends and behavioural choices to tell the story of The Economics of Electronics.

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eBay Australia is one of the leading marketplaces for consumer electronics, and is an exceptional predictor and indicator of what is hot, and what is not. Over 110 million searches were conducted in the electronics category in 2014 and of these, the top 20 directly mirrored the leading products in consumer technology. Find out what Australians have been going tech-crazy for!

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A nationwide thermometer
Value of yesteryear


Most of us are desperate to get our hands on the latest and greatest technology as quickly as possible, but there seem to be just as many with a craving for the old! From Polaroid cameras to the first ever iPod, find out how our reluctance to let go of the past and desire for simplicity is creeping into our technology habits.

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Currently the average Australian household contains eight internet connected devices. This figure is set to rise to twenty devices by 2020 – but what will they be?

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Internet of everything
Tipping points


Feeding Australia’s insatiable desire for technology, eBay has been key to providing affordability to Australian households for over fifteen years. We buy for ourselves and our loved ones, but what is the price we are willing to pay for technology?

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